Let’s Celebrate our anniversary with a new beginning! Welcome to our brand-new Blog!

2 Apr, 2024 | Live Casino, Lotteries, Sportsbook, Virtual Casino

Welcome! This month we celebrate our first anniversary with the beginning of a new project, and we want to share it with you. Introducing you to the kind of blog we aim to create, as well as showing you the benefits you can get just by entering and reading a little of what we want to tell you!

Since 2007, Lottokings has been a secure site where players looking for the utmost seriousness, great opportunities for significant prizes, and even the thrill of our virtual casino games, feel contained and appreciated. Our unparalleled support team has always been attentive to answer any question or solve any problem you may have. We have always valued our transparency and track record, always at the forefront, innovating with new tools, promotions, and products so that our customers continue to enjoy their time with us, always offering the best rewards and promotions in the market.

Not to mention the loyalty of our customers, who keep coming back to play, and follow our Social Networks to keep abreast of news regarding our site, different lotteries, and new games; in addition to always finding out about discount codes we usually offer. We believe that this loyalty has been key, and we attribute it to our adaptability and our ability to listen to what our customers want on the site, offering new products that suit their tastes and needs; in addition to the security and confidence that our customers have regarding the payment of the prizes offered on our site. Recently a player won the second prize in one of our most popular lotteries: Powerball, through our site. The Canadian winner won a prize of approximately One Million Dollars and she won it just by playing 5 times since her first participation. Her plays were always modest, however, the prize she won was a sum of money that helped her to fulfill some of her dreams and she was able to get it easily after confirming her win.

We will be using this new media for a great diversity of purposes, but mainly we will be showing you the benefits that some of our products bring, news, and give you special promotions and discounts for visiting our Blog. In addition, we will offer short notes and facts that could help and entertain you if you are interested in the world of betting.

Today, and throughout this month, we celebrate our track record, our victories, our pride as a betting and entertainment site, our credibility, our trust in our services, and the team behind every query, every answer, every offer, every game, and every prize won. But this is not just a celebration for us! We have exciting news for you… along with the launch of this Blog, we want to tell you that we will be offering great deals! We recommend you check our Networks and this Blog daily for discount codes and special offers for our Anniversary! We will be offering even more deals, so you can celebrate with us!

So, we say goodbye for today. But not before thanking you enormously for your loyalty and for reading this far.

We wish you the best of luck in your games!

Here’s to another year of excitement with Lottokings!

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