Sorteo de El Niño

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About Sorteo de El Niño

El Niño is a Spanish raffle with over 80 years of history. Even though its origin is hard to pinpoint, it has been traced as far back as the 19th century. Then, El Niño started as a series of charity raffles intended to finance a children's hospital in Madrid.

Today's version of this popular raffle is played by millions across the globe on January 6th. Each raffle ticket for El Niño is divided into tenths, and you can purchase only one tenth or all 10 of them to get the whole ticket.

The chances to win a prize of El Niño are 7.82% which is way higher than the 5.3% of Christmas' El Gordo! So get yours now for the chance to win a share of the over €700 million prize pool of El Niño.

Good luck!