El Gordo de Navidad

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About El Gordo de Navidad

Spain’s Christmas El Gordo Millionaire Raffle Do you like to have the biggest and best? Well Spain’s Christmas Lottery, or El Gordo as it's known, is the game for you. It’s quite simply the most historic, most and theatrical lottery on the planet! With a prize pool of €2.408 billion and 172 jackpot payouts of €4 million each, no wonder over 90% of Spaniards tune into watch the draw... Ole!

If you want to play "THE FAT ONE" then you could up sticks and move to Spain. Not an option? Well, don’t worry. With a 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize and a chance of 1-in-100,000 of winning the jackpot, Spain’s Christmas El Gordo creates more millionaires than any other lottery, in only one draw! Viva España!!